C. Nicole Henderson

The Nonprofit Solutionist

C. Nicole Henderson is a Social Impact Catalyst who creates great ideas and builds good people who make a difference through extraordinary acts in nonprofit organizations.   She has over 27 years of experience with nonprofit domestic and international organizations within all cycles of the organization from initial start-up to mature, sustainable organizations.  

She holds Master Degrees in Public Administration from Georgia Southern University and in Conflict Management from Sullivan University.  She has more than 20 years’ experience in administration in government and private sectors, strategic leadership, fundraising, non-profit administration and business consulting.  She has trained and consulted executive directors and board of directors with her Best Practice System and Fudicial Development Plans for compliance, sustainability, and growth.

Nicole is a powerful, revelational teacher and speaker. She is a prolific teacher and mentors others in identifying their dreams and visions and living out their ordained purposes and ideas. Over the years, she has developed an international presence as well as travels and conducts leadership sessions in varying aspects of ministry and business.