Program Evaluation & Strategic Planning

Program Evaluation & Strategic Planning is a product offering of STEPS Institute for Management & Learning.

Leadership & Management



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This course examines methods of program evaluation, the compilation of data for decision making, and strategic planning. The student will learn strategic planning from the standpoint of traditional SWOT analysis as well as bottom-up (Prometheus) planning for continued growth and maturation of organizational programs and initiatives.


This course is facilitated by Dr. M. Stanley Butler, D.Div., MPA, MBA.  

Dr. Butler is a financial and administrative professional with more than 25 years of experience within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. He has effectively provided counsel and/or guidance to national and international organizations. 

Dr. Butler is an articulate and proactive leader with versatile skills in evaluating and integrating new applications, recommending courses of action and applying strategic solutions to support bottom-line profit goals.  He is well versed in analysis, development and implementation of administrative and program-specific policy, and provision of leadership of organizational initiatives aimed at realizing goals and objectives.

Dr. Butler is known for his consulting work, writings, and skillful facilitation of discussions and workgroups purposed to address difficult topics and issues.  His ability to assess organizational structure, identify weak areas, and develop cost-effective solutions has resulted in effective development servicing to nonprofit organizations in Sweden, South Africa, United Kingdom, Japan and throughout the United States.

Dr. Butler's educational accomplishments include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management (Accounting/Business Administration), a Master of Public Administration (Government/Nonprofit Management), a Master of Business Administration (Finance/Management), a Doctorate of Divinity, and he is currently a doctoral candidate at Walden University—actively completing his dissertation pursuant to a Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration.